Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Blaster Review

Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Blaster Review Hasbro has been manufacturing and advertising their Nerf range of products since decades, and the blasters belonging to that product range are one of the best toys in the market, especially for boys. The Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Blaster is part of their N-Strike Elite series that is particularly aimed at highly active kids. It features a 18 round clip of foam darts, and it also comes with a fully automatic flywheel blaster that will shoot darts at a rapid pace. To protect from accidental firing of darts, an acceleration trigger is provided to control the automatic firing. The Elite Darts that come along with the set can be shot up to a maximum range of 75 feet, which is an excellent statistic, particularly in a portable Nerf gun toy such as this.

Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Blaster Features

1. The Rapid Strike CS-18 blaster can hold 18 Elite Darts in its clip.

2. The acceleration trigger provided on the handle powers up its motor for rapid-firing of the darts.

3. The maximum range that the darts can be fired to from this Nerf is 75 feet.

4. The Clip is transparent and holds a total of 12 darts in it. The ammo left can be easily discerned by taking a look at the clip.

5. Elite Darts included with this work with any other N-Strike Elite series blaster.

6. Features an ambidextrous clip release, trigger locks, and a quiet flywheel.

7. Battery tray provided is locked with three screws for safety. This new model uses less batteries than the old models.

Compared to the previous N-Strike Elite series blasters, the RapidStrike CS-18 is a monster and is the first to feature a fully automatic flywheel action mechanism. The new automated mechanism makes it easier to shoot multiple darts in succession without the enemy realizing that you’re one him. It is pure raw power that you will be getting if you choose to go with this blaster.

Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Blaster Pros

1. It is an excellent N-Strike Elite series blaster with many beneficial features added to it. The darts fire with prevision and swiftness with this Nerf blaster.

2. The see-through clip is an amazing characteristic of this Nerf blaster. It holds 12 Elite Darts, and you can easily check the ammo remaining without removing it. In backyard battles, the time saved would be very advantageous.

3. It is the first Nerf blaster with an automated dart-firing flywheel mechanism. You can shoot all the 18 Elite Darts in the blaster in just a few seconds, without reloading or removing your finger from the trigger button.

4. The acceleration trigger protects the blaster from wasting too many darts due to automatic firing. Only when you press the acceleration trigger along with the main trigger will the motor charge up for rapid-firing mode.

5. This blaster features an ambidextrous clip release, which means that you can remove the clip swiftly with either of your hands. Hence, it saves a lot of time when you want to reload.

6. The flywheels on this Nerf blaster are very quiet. As a result, you can sneak up on your friends very easily without them realizing that you’re behind them. This can also prove useful when you are playing head-to-head with your friends.

7. With a new design, this blaster also uses very less batteries when compared to other models within the same series. Also, the battery tray is protected with three screws.

Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Blaster Cons

1. Since the clip is transparent, the remaining ammo is also visible to others. However, if you can place your arm on the clip, then you can hide it suitable enough.

2. The blaster can sometimes jam, and you need to remove the clip and reinsert the darts. However, this is a very rare phenomenon and occurs infrequently.


The Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Blaster from Hasbro is a great addition to their product lineup, and it is sure to provide hours of fun to both kids and adults alike. With a rapid-firing automatic action, a see-through clip, and 18 Elite Darts, it is one of the best Nerf blasters available in the market. Amazon is currently selling the product at a huge discounted price; however, with the holiday season and Christmas approaching soon, the stocks aren’t going to last long. Hence, you need to order it as quickly as you can to take advantage of the offers available. If you are looking for superior firepower in your Nerf arsenal, then this is the perfect blaster for you.


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